What is Bellezón?

Bellezón is a skin jewel 100% customisable, which not only It not only decorates your body, but also it takes care of, protects and regenerates your skin while you wear it!

Biocompatible, adheres to any skin type no glue needed.

Reusable, you can put it on and take it off as many times as you want.



Why Bellezón?

a . Put it where you want most, whenever you want.
It can be relocated depending on your need or of the situation. Use your imagination!

b . Connect to it. Feel it.
Beauty can be anything you want it to be. It's a second skin. Live it and take care of it!

c . Take care of your skin.
Bellezón has the ability to protect and regenerate skin with conditions. Trust in its power!

d . 100% customizable.
We materialize your ideas, without limit. Let your imagination fly!

e. Reusable and long-lasting use.
Good breathability, resistant and elastic; very comfortable to wear. Dare yourself!




Inspire us with your Beauty, join the B movement. !



     - Suitable for all skin types
     - Biocompatible and anti-allergic
     - Helps treat skin conditions
     - Prevents microbial growth
     - Reusable and long-lasting use
     - Resistant to UV rays and water
     - Good breathability
     - Safety and guarantee, complies with regulations stricter (FDA and ISO)
     - Low flammability
     - Elastic, adaptable and comfortable to wear




Raw material. Nature is wise.

With Bellezón we create the possibility of decorating our skin without ink. It is a skin jewel made from silicone, an extraordinary material with infinite applications. Our formula is really special since, in addition to adapting perfectly to your body, it has the ability to help regenerate the skin.

It is important to clarify that, contrary to many beliefs, silicone it is not a petroleum derivative, but is made of silicon, that is, sand. The word "silicon" comes from the Latin silex, silicis and means “pebble.”

Silicon only exists in nature, mainly in combination with silicon dioxide and silicates. It represents 25% by weight of the Earth's crust, which makes it one of the most abundant chemical elements and the most important basic material of minerals .



We use the raw material from one of the largest silicone manufacturers, backed by six decades of extensive experience in the market and a deep knowledge, not only of the chemistry of silicone, but also of the medical device and process technology sector.

The material, in contact with the skin, of all Bellezones is certified as MEDICAL DEGREE by the European Community and the FDA (Food & Drug Agency - USA).