Nipple-Areola Complex PROSTHESIS without GLUE

Another way to recover self-esteem & emotional acceptance during breast reconstruction process...

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100% customised skin jewel, biocompatible, reusable in the long term and NO glue needed!

At Bellezón, the ultimate goal is making people feel good in their skin. To do this, we have developed a unique technique that allows any object to adhere to the skin.




Only in Spain, there are more than 35,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 20,000 mastectomies are performed annually. Finally, 6,000 women go for breast reconstructions.

Some of the psychological consequences of a mastectomy (with or without breast & nipple reconstruction) are:

     - Loss of body image
     - Anxiety and depression
     - Difficulties in sexuality
     - Trauma and post-traumatic stress
     - Low self-esteem and loss of confidence

Benefits of Areola-Nipple Complex [NAC] prosthesis

“The process of reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex sometimes takes a long time. Having a device like this one from Bellezón will be very good because it will cheer you up, it will make you look better, regain your femininity feeling and lift you up emotionally.” - Olga Romero


For us, it’s very important to be able to help improve the quality of women´s life who have experienced cancer or who have undergone a mastectomy with breast reconstruction. Therefore, with the experience acquired in Bellezón, we developed a comfortable, accessible, hyper-realistic and practical solution for power-up the well-being of these women by:

     - Increasing self-esteem: Help restore physical appearance, which have a positive impact self-perception.
     - Feeling of normality: To avoid the “mutilated” feeling.
     - Improving body image: Make you feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance.
     - Emotional acceptance: By seeing a more complete and symmetrical physical appearance, they may experience a greater sense of emotional acceptance and adaptation to the new reality of their body.


We don’t want to dissuade women from NAC reconstruction, but simply provide a solution while they wait for surgery, what could take years in some cases.

We don’t want to detract from the importance of other solutions on the market... We just want to provide an alternative.

We are not offering a miracle product. We just want to contribute our little grain of sand after the experience of a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Our know-how and experience

To develop the Bellezón´s NAC, we have based ourselves on the knowledge, experience and processes acquired with the development of our start up, Bellezón, S.L., where we have created an innovative and revolutionary 100% customizable skin jewel.

In other words, we want to adapt our manufacturing process to provide our NAC solution to women in need and who want it.


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Now in Bellezón, S.L., we have developed a prototype of Nipple-Areola Complex [NAC] prosthesis which has the particularity to extremely adhere to the skin WITHOUT any glue.


We use a raw material from one of the largest manufacturers of special adhesive silicone, leader in its sector. After having tested several, we went for the one with the highest adherence level.

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What about silicone?

We use silicone, instead of Polyurethane (used in others cases), to adapt it the best way to the curves of the body in movement, giving the prosthesis elasticity, resistance and long-lasting adherence.

A special treatment of the silicone allows decreasing surface tension, giving to Bellezón´s NAC rub-resistance and natural touch. So, you can remove your bra without any doubt and “forget your nipple” while you are wearing it.




The concept of Bellezón is to restore the FEMINITY symbol and develop the SOLIDARITY movement among women.

We have the aim of creating a bank of NAC prints, in order to be able to offer the most extensive catalogue possible. We want women to recover the feeling of security, self-esteem and femininity.


How do we proceed?

To order a personalized NAC is really easy! At Bellezón, each woman can make an order easily to obtain its own personalized NAC, following these steps:

     - Go to
     - Choose the customized NAC and the colour you want.
     - You will get an email confirmation of your order and within 3-4 days you will receive the Kit-NAC at home.
     - Once we get your NAC-print, it takes around three (3) days to manufacture it, and prepare the delivery.
     - We will store your NAC-print in our facilities all the time you need.
     - We offer a one (1) year warranty for customized NAC.

During this campaign, we will use a presales system where you could benefit yourself of a SPECIAL PRICE. See below the timeline for more information.

Solidarity: “Donate your Nipple”

We want to create a movement of solidarity among women, under the claim "donate your nipple". The idea is to create a NAC-print from home, so that you can keep it or add it to the catalogue and offer the widest possible range of NAC prosthesis.


The aim of this solidarity movement is:

     - To engage women to “donate” their NAC and share their NAC print with women in need.
     - Offer the possibility of making their own NAC print before mastectomy and reconstruction.
     - Create an online catalogue with the largest varieties of shapes, colours, sizes, based in real NAC, donated by other women.
     - Contribute to strengthen even more the principal aim of the associations: to connect and support all women going through this experience.

Kit-NAC experience: ask for one in your association and they will provide you for free. Click here to see instructions.

You can make your NAC print at home in just 5 minutes just by mixing 45 ml of water with the powder you will find in the kit. After mixing it for about 1:45 minutes, you have to verse it into your NAC and wait around 15 seconds. And then, you are done! It will take 48 hours to dry completely. After this, you can send it to us using the label you will find inside of the kit.

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How is it used? How do I take care of it? How long does it last? How many times could be reused? What are the limits of use? How should it be storage? It’s normal to have so many, since it is in some way a new product. You would find the FAQ at headland H, but if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be very happy if we can help you.

Bellezón’s NAC give you a natural look that's simply realistic. It blends seamlessly with your reconstructed breast, creating an unrivalled visual harmony.

Bellezón’s NAC will help you reaffirm your femininity, with its comfort and realistic look. Whether you're recovering from surgery or looking for a permanent solution to enhance your feminity, our areolas are the ideal aesthetic solution for every situation.

Testimonials from women who tested the prototype:

     - "I used to feel insecure anytime I had to expose my breast – but now I feel like I don’t attract the attention anymore.”
     - "They really stay in place and make you feel really confident.”
     - “You can do your daily activities without problem – you will forget you are wearing them! You can even take a shower with them. They are really great!"


The slower you remove it, the longer it will last... It can be cleaned with soapy water after several days' use. The long-life span is many years. We offer one (1) year warranty for catalogue’s NAC and personalized.


Product Properties




To adapt our fabrication process

     - For Investment (3D machines, software and workshop accessories).
     - For R&D (feedback experience), ask for participation to finalise the product.
     - For innovative improvement of the NAC.
     - For purchasing high quantity of Medical Care Silicone - Extra Strong Adherence.

Hyper realistic NAC catalogue with the Kit-NAC

     - To collect and prepare all NAC prints.
     - To improve the realism of colours, edges and textures.
     - To make the Bellezón´s self-adhesive prosthesis alternative known to all women.



The ultimate advice: find out about the various options available to you beforehand... Women need to be informed of all the options available to them. Fortunately, the associations are there...





The campaign will last one month, ending on the 20th of March, 2024.

     - If this concerns you DIRECTLY, you can contribute now by buying (as a presale) one (1) or two (2) NAC from the Official Catalogue, or even make your own personalized NAC. In this case, you will receive the Kit-NAC at home to make the imprint of your NAC.
     - If this concerns you INDIRECTLY, you can "Donate your NAC" by buying (as a presale) one (1) NAC from the Official Catalogue. After the closing of the campaign, we will monthly raffle one on INSTAGRAM and through the PARTNER associations, for the greatest happiness of a woman needs it.


Support them! Select the contribution that suits you:

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Rec 2xNAC 2_1.jpg     CUSTOM NAC.jpg

We know that the emotional difficulties experienced by women are very great and we would like to dedicate our resources, as a company, to helping them free themselves psychologically from this burden, by embellishing this part of the body.

We would be delighted to provide you with more information. We will be starting a series of visits to associations to present our project and our prototypes. We look forward to hearing from you.

From here, we encourage you to participate in the campaign, to contribute your grain of sand.




Reaching this point was a combination of circumstances! We were distributing our Bellezón’s products, when some people told us about the problem linked to the NAC, after women went through a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. We had a well-defined roadmap, but life wanted to guide us along a different path. And then we met this amazing woman, that happened to have the BRCA-2 gene. This woman, who had a complete mastectomy as a preventive measure, made us change our priorities once and for all. SERENDIPITY!

Marc Abadie:

     - Founder of Bellezón, S.L.
     - Industrial engineer
     - Professional background: 10 years of experience as BDM in the renewable energies sector, at Ingeteam

María José de Ulibarri:

     - Founder of Bellezón, S.L.
     - Interpreter - translator (German, English, French, Italian)
     - Professional Background: team leader at VW Navarra; international BDM in Automation and international BDM in the renewable energies sector, at Ingeteam


Special gratitude

A great thanks to all those who supported us during this adventure: Olga, Silvia, Idoya, María Antonia, Juan Miguel, María José, Cristina, Corinne and all those who believed in us and in Bellezón.




No matter how it turns out, we'll market the Bellezón’s NAC whatever the cost is, because that's what Bellezón is all about - making people feel good in their skin.

How will you maximise the lifespan of what you are creating?

The raw material used, silicone, has exceptional durability properties and following correctly the use and care instructions, Bellezón´s NAC will last for months, even years.

We will keep you informed about updates and improvements in our Instagram profile @bellezon_care.

How will you prevent materials and packaging from being thrown away?

As the product is "precious", the box in which it is stored must be conserved. Moreover, the only material that repels silicone medical is polyethylene, which we used to create the plastic support of the Bellezón´s NAC prosthesis.

What kind of low-impact materials will you use?

Silicone is a very suitable material to use as an alternative to plastic or polyurethane because of its inert and versatile properties. Furthermore, our manufacturing process allows us to optimize the use of this raw material, reducing the emission of waste to almost 0, since it can always be used to create lot of derivate objects.

What aspects will you take into account when choosing a factory?

The aspects are good practices for waste separation (waste recovery and recycling) and energy consumption coming from a renewable energy system (our process needs very low energy consumption).

How will sustainability be integrated into your delivery plan?

In order to reduce the environmental impact, the distribution of products will be centralised to the associations and other arranged points. The online distribution will be carried out by a carrier with an environmentally friendly policy.

What other sustainable practices will you implement?

We produce according to demand, we do not accumulate stock, thus limiting the environmental footprint of our activity.



Frequently asked questions

If no glue is used, what is the adhesive power of the prosthesis? Does it roll up with clothing?

The adhesion coefficient is 1.12 N/cm, which is very high for this type of application. It can be worn all day without feeling it. Thanks to the special treatment of the silicone that makes up the NAC of Bellezón, the surface tension is reduced allowing high level of rub-resistance, in addition to giving a more realistic appearance.

How do I place it?

Bellezón´s NAC is very easy to place. Gently remove it from its holder and place it on the cleaned and dried surface, without any skin cream.

How long do Bellezón´s NAC stay in place?

Our NAC are designed to stay in place thanks to their strong adhesive properties and are perfectly resistant to the rubbing of clothing. The adhesion time can vary depending on various factors. If you notice a loss of adhesion, we recommend you to clean them with soapy water and to dry them before using them again.

Are Bellezón´s NAC water-resistant? Can I wear them while swimming?

Yes, our NAC are water-resistant. You can bathe, shower and go to the sea with them and they won't fall.